Our Story

Hi, Soli here— owner and designer of all things Joonbird... Looking back, I see how much my surroundings as a child have shaped me. It sparked my imagination while playing, it inspired me to draw similar objects, and it burned a color palette in my mind that shaped my mood. When I became pregnant with my first daughter, Bijou, I couldn't wait to create her nursery. I scoured the internet trying to find beautiful bedding and clothing but couldn't find anything that matched my style, and I soon began to design my own- hence, joonbird was born.

I strive to create bedding that captures the beautiful textile design of the 60s and 70s, while being made with the softest organic cotton. For the clothes, I wanted them to be fun but comfy, with a nod to the patterns and shapes of my own childhood. 

I live in Altadena, Los Angeles, with my husband Quito, sweet babies Bijou and Rumi, a cat named Peesh, and five chickens.