My Girls Shared Room

I enjoyed styling this room more than any room in the house. I wanted it to be a cheerful, fun space where they can play but still be cozy and comfy for bedtime. Since my girls share a room, I wanted it to be a good mix of both their styles and objects for their age range (Bijou is 4 and Rumi is 2). It’s not a huge space, so I tried to make it as functional as possible. Luckily they have a good amount of closet space and extra cabinets above the closet area for additional storage. Below are some of the highlights.


Bijou’s side: I love the wall color we got from Backdrop, it’s such a dull peachy pink and not overwhelming. Also, they have a huge skylight (that I can control with my phone to open or close the shades). I absolutely love the skylight feature and being able to choose how much light I want to let in was a huge win for me. Bijou’s bedding is our Joonbird Chamomile print twin sheet. Rug is from Morocco (got it on our baby moon). And play kitchen is from Costzon.


Rumi’s side: Her crib sheets are our Joonbird brand in the Rumi print (I designed this print for her when she was in my belly). They are super soft 100% jersey knit cotton. She loves being about to grab her little books and nick nacks at night while she is in bed. Rocking pig is from Crate & Kids. Lamp is from Sazerac Stitches. 

I made this cute little banner of their names made out of my vintage scrap fabric and I love how it turned out. These will also be available on the website soon! Or, you could even make your own or something similar with the scrap fabric we have available for sale on our website. 

Cute little details:) Mushroom is from Jellycat. Wooden tulips are from Merci Milo. Floating shelf is from Amazon. Embroidery from Aro for Kids. And rainbow fabric panel wall art can be found on our website in the Vintage section. 


Bijou’s side of the closet (left) and Rumi’s side of the closet (right). Dressers are from IKEA. I put rainbow film on the skylight so the crazy halo on the ground is actually rainbow light reflecting in:)

Simple Montessori shelf is from ECR4Kids. A lot of our books are old Richard Scary books that I loved as a kid and a collection of Curious George. They love their vintage My Little Pony Collection and play with them almost every day. Wooden mushrooms and rainbow are from Merci Milo. I love that I was able to find wooden blocks in the Persian alphabet (I’m Persian), I feel lucky to have found them. 



  • So cute! I love the whole vibe! May I ask where Bijou’s bed is from? Xx

  • The cutest little girls room that I’ve ever seen. Pure magic


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